Thursday, July 21, 2016

Creating Azure VM's using images

This article helps you to create Azure VM's from predefined images: 

1. Introduction

Many of the times, projects require to provision dev VM's quickly.The dev VM's have various softwares installed, lot of configuration has to be done which needs to be same across other development machines. 

In such cases its best to have a VM fully configured, make an image out of it & use the image when provisioning other development VM's. This would save lot of time & effort. The below steps show how we could image.

2. Steps to Capture an Image

a. Login with your Microsoft Azure account to the Azure Portal

b. Select the VM that you want to capture the image to be created and click Connect. The RDP file will be downloaded. Connect to the VM

c. Open a command prompt within an Administrator command.

d.  Go to directory %windir%\system32\sysprep ( e.g. In my case it was c:\windows\system32\sysprep)

e. Type sysprep and start the process .In the System Preparation Tool dialog box, select the Generalize option and shutdown from the dropdown as shown below 

Once sysprep completes, the VM is shutdown

f. In the Azure classic portal, click the virtual machine & select Capture as shown below

g. Click "I have run the sysprep" and fill in the image name

h. The new image is now available under Images

3. Create a new VM

a. To create an VM image, go to Create VM option.

b. Under Images tab, you would see the image thats create in step 2j . Select this image

c. Fill in all other details to Create the VM

d. VM would be created with the image details 

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